Nuwewyn banier - nie gesny nie


Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that when a revived emphasis on the Word of God and the restoration of the gifts of the Spirit combine, “we'll see the greatest move the Church of Jesus Christ has ever seen”.

NEW WINE is an equipping and restoration ministry within the Body of Jesus ministering Word and Spirit to the whole Body of Jesus, calling for a new unity between the Charismatic and Evangelical parts of the Body of Jesus.

Our emphasis is on “new wine” truths God is using to change old paradigms into new channels to accommodate the flow of God's Spirit and Life in the Body of Jesus.

We believe that when the Body of Jesus rediscover Jesus as the Savior-King, but also as the Baptizer with the Spirit, believers are empowered to minister God's grace and love to a hungry and thirsty world with the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. And the world around us would, again, experience revival and the Kingdom of God coming in their midst.

At the moment God is using the ministry to minister, co-ordinate ministry and equipping believers from all parts of the Body of Christ in about 35 towns in the Western Cape, 5 towns in the Southern Cape and many a town all across the country. We have the opportunity to minister to Dutch Reformed Congregations, but also to Baptists, Pentecostal and Charismatic congregations and groups.

Via internet this ministry uses a weekly newsletter combined with a Word-ministry to minister to about 4000 Afrikaans speaking people on all 6 continents of the world. With the help of SKYPE and FACETIME hundreds are counseled when needed.

This ministry is based in the beautiful coastal town, Somerset West, 40 kilometers from Cape Town.

The the focus of the ministry since 1993 has been

  • equipping believers from the whole Body of Christ as God's new generation for the coming time of revival
  • equipping leaders from the whole Body of Christ
  •   equipping a team of effective counselors
  • equipping and networking cell leaders and cell congregations
  • planning a discipleship program to teach and minister restoration to young people called for fulltime ministry
  • networking within the Body of Jesus
  • equipping, evangelizing, discipling and counseling via Internet

God is opening doors for this ministry to get involved in the equipping of 7 million Christian leaders worldwide through the training program of different training programs worldwide. This training program consists different levels of training starting from teaching people who are totally illiterate to read and write by using Biblical material, to helping leaders get a theological degree.


“Be a prophet to the Nations”

Since the beginning of last year (2013), my wife and I heard from the Lord to start translating some of the material on this web-page also in English for our international readers.

For that reason you will find on this page links to different documents and prophetic words we believe God gave us to minister to His people in a time like this.



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NB: My newest publication on AMAZON as a PDF: GET READY, BE PREPARED!

An Apostolic Prophetic word of an global economic crisis coming and the need to prepare ourselves

A Prophetic word for 2014 and the years coming

Prophetic words for 2015 and beyond - part 1 to 4

A Prophetic word to Goverment - November 2015



English Translations of some of my Books

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Continuing the Reformation   - During 2013 God give me a word to send personally to every pastor and professor of all the Theological Reformed Churches in Southern Africa and in congregations in other parts in the world. (See also our conversation on the Internet at  where you’ll find English and Afrikaans material in this regard)

Book - Prayer is so much more - A book with 12 chapters (30 pages) on prayer and the power of payer.

Book - More than just another religion  - Following Christ is so much more than just another religion. It is an intimate loving relationship on a daily basis 24/7 with the Living King and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. This book has 11 chapters (35 pages).

Bless them, o Lord!  - In this study of the Word Christo shows in 14 chapters and 39 pages how followers of Christ can be a blessing in the lives of people around them.

The Collapse of the Money System  - Christo Nel wrote down the prophetic vision of Dr Jan Silvis, a well educated financial investor, that made him quit as a financial investor because of what he saw coming in graphs of the NASDAQ. In was published the beginning of 2007. And what he prophesied happened during the market crash in 2008 and years to the world economy.

Book - DISCIPLING PEOPLE-PROGRAM  -   Christo developed a discipling program to equip and disciple young and not so young followers of Christ as we were commanded by Christ in Mat. 28:19 and is part of his calling according to Eph. 4:11-16.


Training Material for Christian Leaders and other followers of Christ

The following training courses can be ordered from Dr Christo Nel. All of these courses were developed from material used by groups like Prepare International everywhere in Europe and Asia to equip and prepare men and women as Christian leaders in churches and families of believers all across the world.


An Introduction to Missions

How to study the Bible

Living by Faith

Making Disciples and Fathering

New Testament Themes

Power Ministry

Preaching and Teaching

Principles of Leadership

Spiritual Warfare

Church Growth

God and His Kingdom

Committed to God's World

Divine Communication

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

The Personal Life of a Leader

The Power of a Transformed Mind

The Reality of a Life in Ministry

A Wineskin's Course


The Forces that Shaped us


You are also welcome to have a look at the web-page of New World Mission Dunamis International University, where you will find lots of other training and study material were made available by NWMD and some of their partners.

You also can have a look at the following web-page where you will find a search-able multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges - and pastoral, theological and missionary training programs, courses and resources world-wide - to help you find the training you need to serve the Lord.